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Photography tips

Newspapers and media websites don't have the staff to cover everything going on in their communities anymore. The good news is, if you can take a decent photo and send it to your local news organization with basic information, they'll might post it online and hopefully in print, too. And you don't need thousands of dollars worth of equipment -- anyone with a smart phone or better is qualified. Here are some tips to take eye-catching photos.

  • Action shots -- community service projects, camping, hiking -- beat church meeting room shots.
  • Get in close. The closer the better. If a boy's looking at a caterpillar on a log, get in dentist close.
  • Faces are important. Maneuver so you can see the action, and have people’s faces, too.
  • When photographing kids, don’t point down at them. Hunker down to their level and the results will be much better.
  • Avoid posed shots. Natural shots are far better than those handshaking, check-passing shots.
  • Think about light. If the sun’s behind what you’re shooting, that’s usually a problem.
  • When shooting campfire photos, try it with flash and without. If you can be still enough without the flash, the natural light from the flames makes a really nice shot. Sometimes you need the flash's help.
  • Take lots of shots. The days of costly film are over. Take 10 or 20 shots of the same scene and one might be perfect.
  • Make sure you're shooting at high resolution. Pictures under 100 KB aren't good enough for newspapers to use in print (unless you're on an older phone, your settings are probably OK). Try to shoot at 1 MB or larger. If your device asks about resolution when emailing photos, choose MBs.
  • When posting photos on your website or Facebook, resist the impulse to use every shot. Select the best.

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