Boy Scout Leader Training

All registered adult leaders must complete Position Specific Training required by the National Council of the BSA for their registered position in order to remain registered with their respective Units. 

BSA is pleased to announce the launch of the Boy Scout Leader eLearning. Nineteen modules, each ranging from 4-12 minutes in length, were designed to be viewed over a period of time and can be completed on a computer or tablet any time of day – from anywhere. These modules are a valuable resource for leaders to refer to when needed at
For Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, completion of the required eLearning modules for your role, in addition to the completion of the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) face-to-face course, will trigger you as position trained in the BSA Learn Center.
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills is held throughout the year.  Check the Council Calendar.
Committee Members, Charter Organization Rep, and Merit Badge Counselor required Training can be found at

Please be reminded that ALL registered positions in Scouting MUST complete online Youth Protection training at least ONCE EVERY YEAR. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is accessed through


As always, the BSA Learn Center continually strives to provide content you need – when you need it. BSA Learn Center and other Training can be reached through It is important that your profile contain your Scouting ID Number to be properly credit for your training.  Email us at if you do not know your ID Number. At the end of the course always print out and save the certificate for a backup.