Cub Scout Leader Training

All registered adult leaders must complete Position Specific Training required by the National Council of the BSA for their registered position in order to remain registered with their respective Units.


 Now at Cub Scout Leaders can get trained for their volunteer role without leaving the couch. Complete the courses at your own pace from a home computer or tablet.  You can spread out the online training or complete all training sessions at once. It’s flexible and adaptable to your schedule and preferences. To provide a better user experience the Cub Scout modules have been converted to the new player making navigation easier. The course content has not changed. If you have completed Cub Scout training you will not need to complete it again.
It is important that your profile contains your Scouting ID Number to be properly credit for your training.  Email us at if you do not know your ID Number. At the end of the course always print out and save the certificate for a backup.

Face-to-face training is still available for those who prefer this style of learning. This type of training isn’t going away. A leader position-specific training session gives you a chance to learn from and interact with an experienced instructor and other volunteers.  We will email when courses are available.